Rowlock Plus wood panels have been constructed from all natural wood materials. Each raw wood piece has been hand-sanded and hand-stained to preserve the undressed elegance of the wood species. The plantation pine backer not only adds to the sustainability, but also the durability of each panel. Undulations in the profile display rough hewn wood characteristics.

Winter Park

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Construction: Linear

Species: Oak

Color Tone: Light

Style: Natural

Floor Width: 9.5"

Thickness: Random

Length: 53"

Warranty: 25 Year Structural & Finish

Limited Structural Lifetime Warranty

* Product images are provided for reference only and should not be used as the sole basis for choosing a particular style of paneling. They may not be representative of the full range of color, texture and grain variations which can occur in the product itself. Wood is a natural material, every piece of paneling will have a unique appearance, often with naturally-occurring variations in color, texture and grain pattern. Customers should view actual product samples before making a purchase decision.

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